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ILM-O-AGAHI, an initiative by Mishal Pakistan, ILM Ideas and UKaid, aims to strengthen institutions, create awareness by educating through the media, facilitate sustainable literacy and educational development, providing children especially girls better access to educational facilities, encourage journalists to create content which enable equal access to education for all while analyzing the policy reforms within the education sector.

Most of the issues related to education and literacy are being reported in irrelevant context; this undermines and diminishes the importance of the educational, training and child development challenges faced by the society.

Almost one-half of Pakistan’s adult population is unable to read or write limiting opportunity towards acquiring skills and technical knowledge for enhanced productivity. School enrolments are low and school drop out rates too high. The budgetary allocation to education has remained around 2% of GDP for the past decade, with a high proportion being spent on recurrent heads mainly salaries, leaving a small amount for quality enhancement such as teachers training, curriculum development, provision of school facilities and monitoring and supervision of education.

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